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30 minutes

What is included?
Towels; all accessories for snorkeling and fishing; water, tea, coffee and other non-alcoholic drinks.

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Nusa Lembongan

Half an hour away from the southeast coast of Bali is the island of Nusa Lembongan – one of the three islands of the Nusa group, near which you can go diving. Tourists come here precisely for the opportunity to dive to the depths or ride the waves on a surfboard.

Lembongan is a paradise and is one of Bali’s most interesting tourist destinations. However, compared to the main island, it is much calmer and quieter.

Tours to Lembongan

Boat trip to the island of Lembongan includes:

  • yacht rental,
  • instructor services,
  • diving and fishing equipment.

Here you can relax in full: sunbathe on sandy beaches, go snorkelling, learning the sea world, catch a wave or dive. In addition, the island has places and attractions worth seeing.

Beaches of the island

Popular with tourists are those beaches that are located mostly in the west:

  • Jungut Batu is the largest and most equipped beach on the island.
  • Mushroom Bay – here are truly beautiful views, including wildlife and a clean coast. Tourists and guests of Bali prefer snorkeling and diving in the waters of this beach.
  • Song Lambung Beach is a popular destination for beginner surfers. There are not very big waves, and on the shore, there are many points for renting boards.
  • Tamarind Beach – this beach is a real mecca for experienced surfers. The sea here is perfect for surfing.

Sights of the island

Nusa Lembongan has several places that every tourist should definitely see or visit:

Devil’s Tear is a picturesque cliff above the sea, from which a beautiful view of the sea surface opens. Waves with millions of splashes crash on the rocks and fly apart. It is best to visit this place in the morning when it is cool and there are no tourists. You can climb the cliff by foot, but wear comfortable shoes.

Mangroves are located in the east of the island. Unique animals live here and several species of unique plants grow. In the reserve, visitors travel by kayak or boat, entrance is paid.

The underground house Goa Gala-Gala is a man-made attraction in the form of a cave. The underground house was made by an ordinary countryman who has done an entire labyrinth in limestone. To visit this place, you need to pay for a guided tour.

Outdoor activities

Lembongan Island is suitable for outdoor activities. Here are the famous places for surfing:

  • Playgrounds;
  • Shipwreck;
  • Lacerations.

The last two places are suitable for experienced surfers, but beginners can test their strengths on the Playgrounds, provided that the waves are not too high. For the most part, places around Lembongan are suitable for those who have already surfed.
Among those who like diving, Lembongan, on the contrary, enjoys the glory of the island, where it is best for beginners to dive. Divers can watch coral reefs, exotic marine life.

One simple activity that is suitable for everyone is snorkeling. The yacht has all the equipment for snorkeling: flippers, snorkel and life jackets. It is best to dive near the Mashroom Bay beach, as well as in the waters near the mangrove forests.

The yachts are complete with all the necessary equipment for a comfortable trip:

Comfortable cabins with air conditioning


TV and audio systems

Toilet and hot shower

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